The Riverdale Brunch

Girlboss Group Shoot No. 2


I’ve been working on a new product launch for a while now, and when I stumbled upon the best vintage styled diner in the process, I knew it was time. I posted to my story, invited Ashlee + Erica to come along and we headed in. Girlboss Group Shoot No. 2 was ON!


Calling all Riverdale fans because we straight up lived the dream in the process of this shoot. If you missed my first group shoot you can read all about it here! We ordered some milkshakes, snagged a booth and talked all about what we do and what being a creative means to them! One of my favorite parts of these shoots is the ability to see how everyone’s individual perspective of being a creative is different and unique, and what they do in their everyday that makes them excited to get up in the morning.


The girls ordered some burgers and bryce got onion rings and got to chowing down! (I didn’t order anything due to a swift diet change I made recently) The whole place was such a vibe. People came in and out, they knew each other by name and their orders “the regular?” I heard one say — it was as if we were transported somewhere completely knew.


This shoot was so so fun, we were so thankful the team at Rock Cola let us shoot! Be on the lookout to my Instagram Stories as I am going to be doing a callout for my next girlboss group shoot soon!