Holiday Cut-Out Sugar Cookie (Allergy Friendly) Recipe

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Holiday Cut Out Sugar Cookie (Allergy Friendly).JPG

I am falling for fall.

Simple as that — the weather is perfect, the vibe is cozy, this is my time of year. As we are nearing the holidays I have started to think a lot about what I’ll be eating (because of my allergies). I, of course, thought about the sugar first! ;) What came to mind? Sugar cookies! I made these in the spirit of fall (“the gradient leaves” I like to call them), but that doesn’t mean they have to be! You can use this recipe for Christmas cookies, a V-Day batch your lucky charm on Saint Patrick’s Day, or anything in between!

This post is free from: grains (gluten, wheat, rice, and corn) as well as dairy and nuts (exception: coconuts) It does include eggs, so you may need to search up some good alternatives if you need! Ps. I’m so obsessed with these that I am eating one while typing this out. WARNING: highly addicting!


01. Be sure to check that the flour blend you are using (I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Mix) doesn’t already have Xanthan Gum in it! If it does, feel free to skip over that step in the recipe.

02. The reason you roll the cookies out on parchment paper instead of a floured counter is to ensure you aren’t adding tons of extra flour to your recipe. While a little is fine (I found mine needed it or it was too sticky) like on the rolling pin, watch over doing it as it could change the outcome of your cookies!

03. A tip my Mom taught me as a kid: use your space when using the cookie cutters. Roll your dough out evenly so you can try to cut shapes from edge to edge.

04. I didn’t add icing details to this recipe, but we used Miss Jones Vanilla from Earthfare. If you get any icing other than the typical store-bought, you may run into some issues spreading the icing. It took me a while to ice these (and make them look good) with the icing we used because it wasn't a super creamy consistency. I warmed it up for 5 seconds in the microwave and it helped but it still was different than any other icing i’ve used before!

05. The recipe calls for 1.5 sticks of butter, if you are using the Earth Balance Vegan butter, I bet you could get away with 1 stick and 3 TBS instead of the full 1/2 stick. The vegan butters are typically more potent and I noticed it can be easy to overdo, so test and see what you like!

06. 13 minutes was perfect with the oven I was using. Some cookies depending on thickness may only need 12, others may need 15. Watch your cookies bake, each batch is unique! :)

07. Here is a link to the cookie cutters that we used!