What To See in San Francisco

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YOU GOT IT DUDE! Okay, I swear that is the last time I'm going to quote Full House in relation to San Francisco. I am just so excited to finally be able to sit down and chat about Bryce & I's time in California last weekend.

3 nights, 4 days. That is all of the time we had, and 2 of the days were alongside 12Benefits at the Gen Ipsy Beauty Event. Bryce & I covered their time there, provided some awesome content and (for once) both got to be shooting. Bryce was on our old camera shooting imagery and I was on our new camera (details coming soon to YouTube) shooting video!

We knew while being in San Francisco we really wanted to use the time we had to our advantage. Even though we were there for work, we wanted to have time to shoot our own content to share on MaddyCorbin.com! After arriving later than expected our first day we decided to head down the street, get some good food and pass out.

Friday, we woke up at 5:50am and got straight to it. Time to hit all of the places we wanted to see that we felt best represented the area. Let's break it down.

Painted Ladies

I told you I wouldn't say it again, and I won't, but I was most excited to finally see this local attraction (featured on Full House) known as the Painted Ladies. This was our first stop of the day, other than breakfast with 12Benefits, so we got there just before noon which means direct light. It was killing my vibe at first, as you don't have many angles to shoot these ladies at, and I really wanted to be able to share them on my Instagram. Then we started searching for whatever shade we could find. We tried climbing a hill, a tree stump, hiding in tree shade on a staircase, nothing seemed right. That was until I said "Let's just go down to where they actually are". Once there, we found the angle the sun was coming in was creating the perfect shade spotlight for me to pose! If you decide to go I definitely recommend watching where the sun may be, and understand that there will be people EVERYWHERE so you have to get creative if you are looking to shoot any imagery! My cross-body dress is from Lesley Jane Boutique!



Le Bouquet

THE NICEST LADIES YOU WILL EVER MEET. If you know me, you know I long for a good bouquet of flowers, unfortunately with our short time in the area I wasn’t able to take any with me. Needless to say, they openly said to go ahead and shoot my amazing dress from Lesley Jane Boutique. If you live in the area you have to stop by and build your own fresh hand of flowers!

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Daily Grill

So one thing I think both Bryce and I realized is that when we find somewhere we love to eat while traveling, we tend to stick with that one place. *insert 3 bills to the Daily Grill* I do think that part of this is because of my food allergies and when I feel confident ordering somewhere, I never want to leave.


Golden Gate Bridge

31 degrees. That is how cold it was as we hit this final spot on our day of adventuring. While it felt -6, we went anyway because we saw images of the amazing view. Plus, I had a new blue dress to show off to Instagram. As we came upon the Battery Spencer lookout point, we thought we had to climb/hike our way up. I looked down at my bright yellow Revolve flats in sadness, I hadn't dressed properly for this whatsoever. We got closer and realized that our Uber driver would basically drop us off at the top. We climbed a small hill of dirt (small RIP to the tip of my flats) and we were looking straight at the infamous Golden Gate Bridge.

I loved California, it was definitely a cross off my bucket list. I am excited to share more of our travel adventures coming soon!

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