36 Hours in Chicago


“a little Windy City never hurt nobody!”


all photos edited with: MC08 (shop my presets here!)

Bryce and I headed to the city for 36 hours last week for a project we are launching: Endless Creators. While I am keeping the exact details short, there will be some sneak peeks in this post. I’ve been to Chicago more times than I can count: from business day trips to weekend getaways with my family, I’ve gotten to know Chicago fairly well. This was Bryce’s second time in Chicago, you can read the blog post on our first one here!


As we headed into the city early Thursday morning, we knew it was going to be the most work either of us has done in this short amount of time. We came to terms with that, we knew we may get short with one another and become zombies from exhaustion (okay, maybe just me). We were going to meet 7 different individuals, get some shots for me, and tackle some new forms of content curation that we’ve never done before. So, when picking what hotel to stay at, we knew we needed it in a good location that was quick to everything. Bryce and I were so excited to team up with the Conrad!

Upon check-in we knew this was going to be a good trip. Of all the hotels we’ve stayed in, we both agreed this was our best experience yet. The staff was so friendly! Our room had a beautiful view of the skyline and convenient wall-mounted technology to control the lights and the windows. But the number 1 thing we ended up loving was: location.

As I said, we went to the city not really for our typical work for “Maddy Corbin” we were there as the “Endless Creators” so we knew we would have limited time to shoot anything for me. All of the spots I had wanted to shoot at and hit before we left were walkable from our hotel. With the amount we spent on Uber-ing (14 to be exact) to and from meetings I was super happy about this.

Throughout my whole time in Chicago I have seen some of my favorite parts: museums, restaurants, photo-ops, so I put together a free itinerary for you! Feel free to pin it to your travel-bucket-list Pinterest board or save it as an image to your camera roll. I put some of the spots we shot this last time: Magnificent Mile, Riverwalk, etc. As well as some of my favorite new places to eat: Wheat’s End + Shake Shack. The itinerary is a 3-day style so feel free to pick and choose what you’re interested in seeing!

A note on our work for the Endless Creators in Chicago: 7 different people. 7 different backgrounds. 7 different stories. Chicago was our first significant amount of travel we have done for this project. It was a way that both Bryce and I were able to dive deeper into what this 3-month long process has been thus far, and let’s just say I am so excited to share it!