Switching my Instagram to a Creator Account


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Have you heard the news? Instagram is changing and in favor of content creators, bloggers & influencers! I noticed that my account was granted access to an early switch for their new “Creators accounts” and I wanted to take you through the process, what this means for creators, the benefits and why I decided to make the switch!

(This new account is still in beta and will not currently be available to all users, I just wanted to be able to offer some early information for if/when this rolls out!)

Instagram/Facebook has heard digital creator’s complaints for some changes they’d like to see. This creator account will give influencers a better handle on their account, the information they want to have visible on their profile, and more info on their followers!

  1. Better/more detailed insights on growth

  2. A new system on direct messages

  3. More options when customizing your profile and the information that you allow shown

How I made the switch

While this new version of Instagram account isn’t rolled out to everyone (and likely will only be eligible to users with a certain amount of followers, like the 10k minimum for swipe-ups) you can check if your account has access to the beta here:


First, you want to access the side menu on your account > going to Settings > then clicking on Account!


After, you will see “Switch to Creator Account” click this and it will walk you through all the new features. After clicking Next you will see a large list of different titles that you can attribute to your account. I believe the “Digital Creator” option will be the most popular with this account shift! I decided to keep Entrepreneur as content curation is not my full-time job anymore.


Above I took you through some of the new options that this account has! The main objective as Instagram has stated: connect better with your audience on Instagram! Immediately I noticed my direct messages looking different. My account prior to switching, as well as this account, had a new filter on the requested messages and now the Inbox has ones as well. Primary and General. This feature will help a lot of larger accounts that receive tons of DM’s everyday. Instagram can now filter them best for your reading. Next (and my favorite part) is the new Audience Insights. You have new ways of tracking your overall growth (unfollowed vs followed in the last week) as well as the posts and stories that went live in that time frame which could have influenced the gain or loss of followers.

Alongside some other features that Facebook chatted about at F8 2019 they will be launching Shop from Creators. A feature that will allow creators and influencers to tag products in their posts to be directly viewed and purchased all within the Instagram app. This would be an extra means of revenue for Instagram influencers. I believe that feature could accompany those on this particular account, but did not see any features for it yet!

Moral of the story: I think the new options in this account are amazing. I have not lost any features from my business account, but have more control and knowledge on my audience and what they like to see. It’s still unknown if this type of account for creators will roll out to everyone, or when it will come out of beta, but I highly recommend it to those who have the option currently. If you have any questions regarding the account feel free to leave them below and we can chat!

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