Natural Glow with Conair True Glow

In collaboration with Conair


As many of you know, I just wrapped up a 7 day challenge of wearing no makeup, NOT A SINGLE OUNCE. During that time I received an amazing box filled with Conair goodies, including their True Glow kit. It was perfect timing to truly pamper my skin and give a full review.

To start out, I think my favorite aspect of this product is that I am not restricted on what I can use. Many times I try new products that want you to use specific lotions or products along with it, with their True Glow, I am able to use my own cleanser I just started using this one, so it worked perfect for my skin.

Right out of box I threw it on the charger. Anyone else OCD about making sure their things are fully charged AT ALL TIMES?. I think it is because I want to ensure that things are charged when I need them. Anyways, I threw it on the charger and took a look at the different kinds of brush heads that it came with that I could use. I was given a variety of brushes to try: a facial brush for sensitive skin, a body brush and silicone which is great for removing facial masks. (all of these are not included in the package but can be purchased separately). Also, the whole brush itself is waterproof, which is super convenient for use in the shower!

Once I turned it on, I noticed that there were 3 different cleansing settings for different skin types. I started using the Low because I wanted to ensure it wouldn’t irritate my skin, and now I have worked up to being able to use any level! It is only 60 seconds and it helps with making my skin soft and feeling rejuvenated.

The best part? It is even available at your local Walgreens!

I am excited to share how this sonic brush helps me keep my skin soft, clear, and fresh over the next couple months!