Girls Night Out in Indy

A few weeks ago, I posted to my Instagram Story that I wanted to start shooting with some of my Indy girls from Instagram! Whether you’re a blogger or not, entrepreneur, mom-boss, or any girl bosses in between. Let’s get together, create some fun stuff, check out new locations + have fun!

Our first one was in Downtown Indy, which created the best little GNO! Let me introduce you toAmara,Morgan,Emma +Sierra (the girls that adventured through the city with me one shot at a time!)


We started with an evening picnic. One of the biggest questions I got when I posted it was “where did you get the inspiration for this?” The inspiration for our picnic came when I saw a Pin on my Pinterest account of the prettiest little lunch set up in the mountains of Colorado. I started to think, this would be a great start to some of my girlboss shoot ideas! I posted to my story, found the perfect gals and we started planning. We each separated out what we would bring (TIP: when you do group shoots it is the ideal time to go all out with props - when everyone brings a little something you end up with lots to work with!) We had planned to do the first shoot location along the canal, another one of my favorite hot spots here in Indy. That was until one of the cutest pups came up in my Instagram feed sitting in front of the most beautiful view of Downtown Indianapolis, and I knew. THIS was the place.

On the day of the shoot, Bryce & I went early to ensure that this last minute location switch would still work (with lighting and the view of the city would be seen in the photographs). We were amazed because the view is even better in person. We waited for the girls to arrive, grabbed all of our supplies, and headed up the hill.

Following the snaps & some delicious sparkling apple cider, we did a quick outfit change and headed to the city! For the next hour we were parading the streets (trying not to get hit while taking the perfect street-strutting portrait), rushing after taxis, and creating with like minded girls. It was seriously one of the best times I’ve had in quite some time. If you are a long time follower you know that about 2 years ago I hosted a meet up in one of Deborah’s old Ripplebnb spaces, and that experience was probably the highlight of that year.

I most definitely want to do more of these shoots (yesterday I wrapped up another one with 2 gals at a retro style diner I cannot wait to share) But in the meantime if any of you have the opportunity to get together with some local girl bosses in your area, to shoot or collaborate or work on a project together — TAKE IT. There is so much power in sharing, creating and collaborating with others. It leaves you feeling refreshed, inspired, excited, and ready to conquer what is next.


Ps. Probably my favorite shot of all — a group of 5 girls, just trying to get that perfect boomerang! ;) #doitforthegram