French Lick Resort, Indiana

In Collaboration with the French Lick Resort

"When people say Indiana isn't pretty" *sips tea* — this was Bryce & I's joke over the course of our entire stay at the French Lick Resort. We always went back to it. Let me show you why....


We arrived at the French Lick on Friday the 27th and we left on the 29th, essentially 1 full day. The entire resort includes 2 different hotels, the French Lick Hotel + the West Baden Springs hotel (that's us!) From the *best* pieces of meat we have ever tasted to the stables and even the nights spent out on the balcony, every moment from this trip is something we will always remember. Don't forget! We recorded a travel diary on YouTube of our travels that you can see here!

A note from bryce:

The French Lick was quite the experience, A different vibe that I’ve felt before, relaxing! When you are at the French Lick you will feel like you're somewhere else. When we first arrived at the West Baden I was taken back by the gorgeous structure that stood before me. Once we reached the interior and the atrium I felt amazed with that “little kid feeling”, It is a truly remarkable place and you can tell that the individuals who constructed the building took pride and passion going into it.

Aside from that, my favorite thing to do at our hotel the West Baden was go out on our 3rd story balcony and simply sit there, take in the ambience. Such a high class resort that didn't feel like a resort at all! It felt as if I were in France soaking in the exquisite air.

The next best part, was the Spa and fitness area. Really beautiful spaces! The spa was so relaxing and calming. As for the pool room, it was very beautiful with tons of amazing architecture!

Now time for the food, the filet mignon and the shrimp at their restaurant: Sinclair’s is some of the most divine pieces of meat and seafood that I’ve ever eaten. The Sinclair’s restaurant holds it’s own indescribable vibe.

The West Baden has so much to offer from fitness activities, to tea time and much more to see. Let’s not forget about the amazing ancient garden around the backside, truly remarkable! I highly recommend checking this place out for sure if you are in Indiana and want to get away from the “Indiana” vibe. The amount of photo spots and the atmosphere of this resort is astonishing and overwhelming! The best part about this whole short story is this was only about the West Baden which is essentially half of the resort! Crazy! - Bryce Journey

The Pool

The first night we checked in and got familiar with the hotel we headed straight to the hot tub to relax. I have been trying to find more down time lately where Bryce & I can just HANGOUT and not work, as many of you know he works full-time alongside me now and I want to make sure we still get one-on-one times away from the devices! The West Baden has 2 pools one inside and one outside alongside the hot tub (where we spent majority of our downtime!)



THE BEST PIECE OF MEAT I HAVE EVER HAD. That was the first thought that went through my head after the first bite of our dinner. The service was amazing, we felt so taken care of and for that reason — we spent the rest of our meals (other than room service) in the exact same spots at Sinclair's (we couldn't get enough!) For all of my allergy folks: they were so great in making sure I felt comfortable eating! From experience, some good and bad, I can get some pretty bad anxiety when ordering food, but I never felt that once. Once they would bring my food to the table they would always reitterate what I ordered and how it differed from Bryce's standard meal!


The Spa

Bryce & I received a couple's massage the morning of the 28th and let me tell you, I think I now know how every morning needs to start. It took all the stress of the day before traveling away, it started the day on a calm note rather than my typical frantic mess. After the spa we headed to (you already know!) Sinclair's for breakfast!


The views

If you ever stay at the French Lick Resort (especially the West Baden) get ready to be transported to another part of the world. The views from just your room are amazing. The number of nights that Bryce & I just sat on the balcony with our chairs and talked about our day or chatted about life is something I won't ever forget.


The Stables

We knew coming into this trip that we wanted to visit the stables. We didn't end up having time to do a trail ride like we wanted but one of the managers was so kind to take us around the land and show us everything that it consists of (and some beautiful horses) my favorite horse was Prince and Bryce's was one male horse who had one blue eye and one green eye!


Did you know that when horses put there foot up like this, it is them resting and shifting their weight like we do when we stand?! So cool!


Tea Time

Coming into tea time I never was a fan of tea and Bryce always LOVED it. But my opinion completely changed when I saw that there was so much that went into to tea than I thought! There were raspberry flavors, some were thin, some were rich, some were flowery! We had the most amazing centerpiece of mini sandwiches and pastery treats while we enjoyed afternoon tea in the atrium (the same place where our room was!)


The Grounds

Before we headed back home we did one last loop around the grounds. We smelled the blooms, walked up the most amazing set of stairs, visited some historical buildings on site and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. The French Lick Resort is nothing short of spectacular and we are already thinking about when we can go back to explore more!