5 Carnival-Inspired Looks


Hello sunny, warm weather. May you bring good times, better memories and the some of the BEST experiences yet. With this warm weather comes carnivals, festivals, circuses and tons of outdoor events! Today I have gathered up 5 Carnival-Inspired Looks to share with you! Bryce & I have been obsessed with going to this little one set up about 10 minutes from home to shoot and have nights away from the computer (also we get to shoot for a local boutique here this week so watch for that!) 


The Red Apple 

You can already tell the mini-heart-race I had when I saw a vintage carnival cart that matched my brand-new Forever21 fit. Thus, my first inspired outfit is called The Red Apple. The idea here is to go more vintage. If you are shooting at a carnival, just attending, or are in the mood to play dress-up, look at color schemes. MATCH TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS.


Start the look off with a base that is red/maroon/merlot color. Then add some eyelet or lace details underneath to compliment the simple base. (If you could see me at the store, I spend 10 minutes literally putting this outfit together on the rack while Bryce looked at me like a crazy person!)

Next up you guys already know that I am a hugeeee white Adidas girl. They make an appearance in almost every photo of mine nowadays. These could be replaces with any white cute sneakers or the big trend right now elevated sneakers. Top your look off with some vintage white sunnies to place on your vintage look, grab some cotton candy (in this pack the yellow was actually banana?!!?!?!) and you are set for any summer night.


The Stripe Express

Helllooooo vertical stripes! Your patterns are going to be huge when putting together carnival-looks, as you will see below I highlight some of my favorites — and that does including stripes.

IMG_6741 2.jpg

Who What Wear collection set me a few pieces recently and I couldn't help but put this little number in here as I wore it just yesterday and it played along perfectly!

The concept here is, well, that when you wear a dress you don't have to wear pants, it's as simple as that. Summer gets hot, I know for me (especially with skin conditions) that it can get SUPER uncomfortable when I have to have pants on or I start sweating on my legs. Let your legs be free and add some stripes to compliment the carnival around you!

Not only are the stripes going to be a huge proponent of getting that perfect style, the large buttons are everywhere right now. They bring in that, again, vintage style while letting a little leg show keeping your fit comfortable, classing, but sill fun!

My exact dress will be linked here (it is only $32) I recommend sizing down in it a bit, I bought a small and think I could have gotten away with a XS, or you can shop similar styles that pair perfectly for summer 2018.

IMG_0281 copy.jpeg

The Dotty Body

The next two looks will hold my favorite pattern yet: POL-to-the-KA-DOTS


Another great piece for summer time are jumpsuits. Forgetting about the whole "naked in the stall" thing that happens with jumpsuits/rompers (we've all been there) It is a one piece and go outfit. You slip it on, zip/button it up and you are in full outfit for the day. LOVE IT.

As I'll talk about in the next outfit all polka dots are a great pattern for this time of year, but especially your monochromatic ones. They perfectly compliment the color crazy surroundings while not overtaking it.

The last thing I want to talk about with this specific outfit is the fit. I am a 5'2 shorty. It is very rare that I find floor-length items that can actually fit me. This one hit my feet to where I wasn't tripping over it when I walked but wasn't making me look shorter either. I am wearing a small and it even fits my smaller chest and wider hips. It was a WIN WIN.

You can shop my jumpsuit here, it is only $22! Or shop similar items in the carosel (HA!) below!


The Many Multi-Dotty

Take Dotty Body to the next level and do tons of dotties in many forms all over!


Unlike stripes (majority of the time) it is super easy to put together a ton of different forms of polka dots and they look good together. Top your outfit off with a balance of a sleek black simple pant and you are off!

My top is from Wet Seal, but unfortunately it does look like it is sold out. I have linked some similar items below for you to shop including my bow hair tie from Free People, my Who What Wear polka dot shoes and a differnt form of my simple black pants.

The tie tops are a huge style I have found with the weather warming up. These tops typically have fun prints on them. I have a few different styles but they typically range from floral to spotted. Another great thing about these tops is that if they don't fit you in the way you want you can always tie them tighter (or tie any shirt that is a button-down!)


The Denim Daze


Ah, our last and final look for today. Simple look, simple concept, and never goes out of style. DENIM. Yup, denim. Add any and all forms of it and add it ALL! A full-demin look is a staple, out-there approach to a carnival-inspired look.

This night I had a denim jacket on from Cotton On, denim shorts from Suite Little Muse a graphic tee (that could have been replaced with another for of denim, and my staple Adidas shoes.

The denim jacket trend is also perfect for those cooler nights as we transition to the long sought after summer nights!

I have put together a list of some of my current favorite denim pieces that are next on my list to get for the upcoming monghts.

You can shop my denim jacket here ($19) and my graphic tee here ($17)