3 Spring Pieces — Margaret O'Leary

In Collaboration with margaret O'leary

For the first time this year, Indiana is FINALLY looking toward the light and warming up. Because we shoot outside 80% of the time, this makes me really really happy! So, we took to the road, went out on a little adventure, shot something different, and now I get to share some of my favorite pieces from a knitwear brand, Margaret O'Leary! The fashion industry has been my favorite thing to happen to the Maddy Corbin Team yet. This week we went to 4 events, all surrounding amazing clothing, amazing artist, and what they have to offer but the Midwest. Bryce is currently in the works speaking on NYFW September, and we are traveling the next 2 weeks showing off some of my favorite brands. So, to start, I'm happy to introduce you to a brand that (might I say) looks pretty dang good here in Indy, Margaret O'Leary!


First on our list today is this "Maison Skirt". From the eyelet details to the bottom flare when I saw this skirt I immediately knew "mine mine mine!" Being that this is something completely different than the pieces in my closet, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to work it into my everyday looks, until I realized this is the exact piece for everyday looks — especially with this burst of warm weather. It flows, so you get tons of air (something I really look for in clothes because I have psoriasis on my legs and it's at its worst in the spring/summer time) and it goes perfectly with any casual-to-chic top! I paired it with a tight flare-shoulder top from Forever21 (which I unfortunately snagged last season so I don't have a link on it) — shop the Maison Skirt here!


Next up is what they call a Mesh Sweater, now this exact piece I believe sold out but they have another style very similar, which you can shop — here in Salt Solid! Probably my favorite piece out of the 3 (not only because it is white) but because it represents the transition of Spring perfectly! It's light, it's comfortable, it's durable, has mesh knitting to provide flow. To me, this top is SPRING. You can pair it with the Maison Skirt, or any outfit. You may have seen this top in one of my Instagram Posts a month or so ago, in which I paired it with ripped jeans. Wanna see it? Click here!


Calling all comfy-cozy-soft clothing lovers! My heart has fallen for this 3/4 Sleeve Dolman! You probably already know that I don't have a lot of colors in my closet. I have always been known to be a neutral/muted tone girl! But, Spring 2018 calls for something new. Being that this top is more boxy and not fitted, I think it pairs amazingly well with skinny jeans or tight slacks. You can dress it up with slacks and a little pump for a night out or with a pair of dark blue/black jeans and even shorts for a summer grocery run. You can shop the 3/4 Dolman here!

Probably my favorite part of the Margaret O'Leary brand is that they curate pieces that can work with anyone's style, anyone's lifestyle, and makes them look ah-may-zing while doing so. I hope you love their pieces as much as I did, I can tell you that they won't be moving from my closet anytime soon. The colors and fabrics will work all year long.


I'm excited to take you all along on my future endeavors through the fashion industry and to share what projects we have in the works, but until then — be Endlessly Creating Yourselves!