Easy Ways to Show Appreciation for V-Day

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Maybe it’s a time that you spend with your best girls, maybe it is just a holiday where you get to eat some extra candy (hehe) or maybe it is quality time that you spend with a special someone. Today I wanted to share some easy ways to show appreciation to anyone in your life around the month of love!


01. Roses, roses, roses


Who doesn’t love a bunch of fresh roses? What about a whole desk full of them?! (you’re the best, Bryce!) Flowers are one of the oldest traditional ways of saying “I love you” orrrr “I kinda like you” if you aren’t there yet ;)


Oh sugar, I love you, we love you, and Valentine’s Day really loves you. Put together a collection of your bff/bf’s favorite candy! Have fun with it, fill a jar with Hershey kisses and sign it “sending you kisses” or create their very own variety pack. Whatever their favorite sugary treat is give it to em!

03. Write a love (or appreciation) letter

We all know the giddy feeling we get when reading a note from someone near and dear to our hearts. Maybe it’s as simple as a post-it left on the counter saying “have a great day! love you!” or maybe it’s a “here is every reason that you have changed my life". Express your love signed with the perfect XOXO!


Two amazing things (bed, breakfast) mixed into one. Nothing is sweeter than a stack of fresh pancakes and a hot coffee ready for you when you wake up. Start their day the right way with breakfast in bed!

05. Pay it forward: Starbucks Edition

We’ve all been there: you roll up to the window at Starbucks, start to hand them your card as the barista says “the person in front of you paid” you’re shocked, whatever your day had been like prior doesn’t matter — INSTANT mood booster. Pay it forward and do the same on your next coffee run.

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