Changes in My Business for 2019

As many of you know, being an open book through this journey has always been one of my top priorities. I am just a girl, trying to pursue her passions and find her place in the world. As 2019 began to commence I started to see quite a few different large-scale shifts in my business. It has made it hard for me to understand where I am going, manage time, and figure out how to incorporate new projects into the equation. Today I wanted to sit down, #realtalk with you and share what kind of changes I’ve seen, and what you’ll start to see unravel with the Maddy Corbin brand!


Content > Social advertising


Okay, this is something I never saw coming, and I have fallen in love with it so quickly. Creating usable, unique content for brands has been the highlight and my favorite part of my business for over 3 years now. Having the opportunity to team up with a brand and showcase their messaging and products combined with my creative juices is a DREAM JOB. But what happened? 2019 came with an inbox (to Bryce) full of new partnerships. But not the typical “hey you like our product? how about $800 for a post on Instagram?” — instead they were “we love how you capture your lifestyle content, we want in, but not for the posts, just for the content”. We started to see this huge shift in brands wanting to work with us not for promotion but for their own usable content that we shot.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have done this here and there, shot for boutiques and such on-site but I never thought about it as a viable business move. This time to curate fresh content for brands, behind the scenes of my Instagram, has allowed me to not only get more creative but also take a figurative weight off of my shoulders. The ability to create and not feel like I have to turn around and share it right away makes quite an enjoyable process, plus I get to see how a brand promotes it instead. (This is also fun because we have been seeing more and more of our work popping up on YouTube ads, banners, webpages and more!) is updated (a lot!)

A big goal I had for this year was to branch off of Instagram more. While I love the platform and what it allows me to do and who I am able to connect with, I want to start using it more for what it is: a platform to bounce off of. Rather than putting everything into Instagram I want to start posting more to, hopefully get to daily content, and share weekly on YouTube! This industry is still so fresh and new, even though I have been in it for almost 3 years now, I feel like I learn something new everyday. I don’t want to pour everything into one platform, that truly, at any point could just disappear. Instagram is free, we didn’t pay to advertise our work on it, they can change, manipulate or delete WHATEVER they please. So instead of letting my entire business model rest on one social media platform, I am expanding in new of them being more posts here, on my blog!

Calendars, schedules, plans

This idea is in coordination with the last point in this blog post because I go more into why we have transitioned to such a strict schedule BUT planning has been everything thus far in 2019. Everyday we wake up we know exactly what we need to get done, what is on the schedule for the next day and the weeks’ goals. I truly don’t think I’ve ever worked as efficiently as I have the last couple of weeks.


Yup, Maddy Corbin LLC is #officiallyofficial! When turning the corner into the new year, again, this was not something I saw coming, I knew that I wanted a jump start on tax season and I did NOT want to do it alone like the previous year. So, I was hooked up with my family’s tax guy, Mike. Oh my god my world changed, but also my business was flipped upside down. Before the end of the month Maddy Corbin LLC was formed, I had an accountant, personal banker, 3 file folders worth of legal documents, and two consultants (Bryce and Ethan) I was filing 1099’s for. This resulted in me putting my head down for a solid week away from social media and purely just educating myself on what this meant for my business. It was a lot, and now having people I manage (especially payroll) has been a hard adjustment period for me, but it is very cool to have the title: CEO + Founder of Maddy Corbin!

Ps. you will see an update to the About MC page here soon as we are adding my very own talented mom, Emily, to our team as our official Editor + Monetization Coordinator! Another change I have wanted to implement is hiring out the work that I don’t have to do, it has helped tremendously for my workflow.


I love a good feed. Like liiiiive for it, but man it is hard to always keep up with. While creating is the center for why I do what I do and I love every second of it, I also want to share when it’s like “hey I don’t feel like doing shit today” and THAT IS OKAY. I want to share when I’m hormonal and how I’m trying to handle it, when I feel down or even when I feel overly excited. While, I never tried to hide a certain side of myself on social media, I think we all do to an extent. Instead of hiding, let’s embrace that we are all human and feel the same human things, right?

Authenticity is so important to me when I am connecting with an individual, so putting it as a top priority for my very own social media presence is a big thing for 2019.

Launching a side brand?!

Eeeeep you guys, this is the first I am talking about this at all! Bryce and I are launching the side brand, Endless Creators, together! We now split our weeks half and half with Maddy Corbin work and Endless Creators work. What this means is you will see me heavy on some days shooting tons of looks at once and some days you may not hear from me as much — but it is for the best reason. We are putting together a project that is super important to the both of us and I know you will all love it just as much!

In the meantime, if you want to be one of the first in the know on our upcoming project: follow @endlesscreators on Instagram!

So here is to 2019, and what other shifts I see. I plan to share each and every one of them with you, but I am curious: have you seen many changes in your business in 2019 thus far? If so, how have you adapted to them?

Xo, Maddy Corbin

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