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“And so — I am endlessly creating myself” the quote I have lived, breathed, and instilled into every project and venture thus far.

My love for creation is not a recent find. From Pets Daily Love, my dog walking business, that I would spend hours behind our OG Macintosh designing flyers for, to over 5 different Etsy businesses, and even Kedet my first blog launch at 10 (a kids news blog) I found the love for creating and pushing myself, young. High school is when Luxury45 and Wisconsin & Gold LLC launched, two projects that I truly believe defined the role I am in today. began as a hub for my creations and projects until it evolved into a full blown Lifestyle Blog + Preset Shop featuring categories like DIY, Fashion, Travel + more!

At 21 I spend my days curating artistic lifestyle content along side my team: Bryce & Ethan, who you can read about below, and building in a community of Endless Creators — pushing young entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. Feel free to browse around, you can shop my #MaddyCorbinPresets, read the Blog, visit the Press page or Contact us (including Media requests!)


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