"People think that being an entrepreneur means doing what you want. It's more like doing what you need to do even if you don't want to do it."  Hilten Shah

From the 10 year old girl with an unstoppable business plan assembled for her "kids news" Wordpress blog, to countless preteen hours spent working to comprehend <head> vs </head>, to the owner of a fast growing small business as a Junior in high school, Luxury 45, which attracted attention from a variety of media outlets, (Huffington Post, RTV6, Town Talk Magazine, and GenDIY) to the owner of the photography and design LLC Wisconsin & Gold, to graduating high school and being offered a full-time Creative Director position at a local retail company, which has grown into today's work:

College drop-out, full time social media influencer building a brand hub for outside influencers and photographers across a multifaceted range of areas. Currently working on projects surrounding online branding workshops, learning the ropes of Youtube and newsletter influencer marketing.

— and so, I am endlessly creating myself.

Contributor: darling.com, flashstock.com, tapestrymag.com