Our Love Story with DW

“We both have always said that our love story was all about great timing”

Today we have teamed up with Daniel Wellington to share our love story and some of the images that we shot for their Valentine’s Day campaign! We shot this at the amazing French Lick Resort: West Baden be sure to check out their Valentine’s Day package!


“..you know how they say the best ones you don’t see coming?..”


We came together during a time when I was at my loneliest point, I didn’t have anyone in my industry or around me that understood where I wanted to take my dreams — Bryce spending his days doing a 9-to-5 yearning to find out what his “next thing” was. After years of knowing one another through high school and beyond Bryce reached out to me asking to hang out (AKA he slid in my DM’s HA!) As we started hanging out more and more, and he became increasingly interested in what I was doing, I started incorporating him whenever I could into my work — a photo here and there, or helping me come up with a response to an email.

It is actually funny because Bryce was SO NERVOUS to take my photo at first. I was just doing it on an iPhone at the time but he knew how particular I was. I showed him the basics: testing lighting and how to find lines, and the following weeks would be trial and error of this. After he got the hang of it, we decided to start using a DSLR that I had on hand >>> who knew that that first time hanging out and asking him to take that photo on my phone would create a connection in both our personal and our professional lives, that would last.

We started to see how well this went together, Bryce started taking on more and more, we started traveling and growing more together, and now Bryce works full time with me on my Creative Lifestyle Blog and is helping me launch some other fun projects too. He manages all of our partnerships, is the one who handles communication, and takes almost all of the photos (my mom fills his position when needed, hi mom!)

I think it is funny because so many of you know our relationship professionally but personally we are completely different. Firstly, we literally roast one another 24/7, we are sarcastic, we joke, it’s like our second language. Secondly, we are both wildly competitive and love playing iPhone games, or turning any task into a competition to make it more fun. Also, Bryce has helped me tremendously with owning up to taking breaks from work. Before him my work was basically my everything. I didn’t hang out with people, I didn’t go out on Friday nights. 24/7 was work, while I loved it, learning to branch away from it has not only helped me learn more about myself, but also helped Bryce & I be able to get closer.

This year Bryce and I will be celebrating 2 years together. 2 years of amazing adventures, growth, learning, and time together. I am thankful everyday to have someone by my side who understands me in and out and has been with me through everything.

You know how they say the best ones you won’t see coming? That is exactly what it felt like for the two of us. Thank goodness for good timing.