#MusicWithMaddy December Playlist 2017


Welcome December, throw all of the candy canes, fires & hot cocoa, snow covered branches my way please and thank you!

First off — I need to apologize. I missed November's playlist. This is the first time I am going into the Holiday season with my blog & self-brand and wow I was not prepared for the storm it would bring. #MaddyMail launched, I have a Holiday Look-Book coming out as well as a Gift Guide and DIY Winter Decor, not to mention keeping up with social media & YouTube.

To say the least, winter 2017 came FULL FORCE around here. 

With this playlist I was torn on whether or not I should take it geared toward the upcoming Holidays or create a more mood-driven list for the festivities, thus I did a mixture. I hope this playlist bring you warn, holiday vibes (no matter how you celebrate) and that you are prepared for 2018 because hunny we've got a big storm coming!

Here's to you and yours this season!

Happy Holidays—from Maddy Corbin!