"It's Called Vintage"


I really and truly believe that vintage clothing, accessories, & staple pieces will always have a special place in my heart. You are physically holding a product that has more history and memories than you can even comprehend. Who was the first owner? How did they get it? What did they do with it? Where has it gone? What did they use it for?

Coming into this collaboration with Object Limited (a shoppable hotel based in AZ) I couldn't help but ask for a little story on the bag, and here is what Will (founder) told me: "we actually found the bag in Ohio! in the 116k square foot warehouse." This essentially means it has seen for certain seen Ohio-Arizona-Indiana, and that is just the beginning! What a product, what a story, what a bag!



I have always longed to own a mini-bag like this one as a sweet side-kick. It is the perfect touch to any ensemble! Plus, a truly unique piece. All of my essentials fit in here perfectly — phone, (small) wallet, iPhone charger, and whatever lipstick I am sporting that day. Although you may not be able to get this exact bag, Object Limited has so many unique vintage finds I am sure you are going to fall in love with something. You can shop directly from their Instagram: @object.limited

In other news — Bryce & I are headed to NYC tomorrow for some work and I cannot wait to bring you all along! Be watching my Instagram @maddy.corbin and my YouTube channel: MaddyCorbin