A Girl & Some Crazy Pants

In collaboration with MATTER


You know how people say that they get a piece of clothing and it forever changes the way they see the rest of their closet? Well, this certainly happened with a pair of pants that were sent to my by a company called MATTER.

Now MATTER is much different that a lot of the storefronts or clothing brands that we typically shop from. It is "Change Beyond Textiles" on their website they state: 

5 Techniques, 8 Artisan Communities, 1287 Artisans Involved

No wholesale, no designs that everyone else copies. Truly unique pieces of art that you get the opportunity to wear on your body. When shopping their page, you already know that I was drawn to the less colorful (as much of my closet is — but I promise I'm working on it, guys...) I chose these pants because they gave my outfit enough flair with still staying true to who I was. Plus, the little red buttons at the top are just too darn cute! To snag some of your own MATTER clothing shop online at: https://shop.matterprints.com/