Roundup: Snowy Outfits Jan 2019


At least that is what it has felt like for the last few weeks here in Indy this January! We got hit with a random couple of weeks of winter storms and this gal is not complaining. I love the way snow makes everything look so beautiful and puts you in such a cozy mood. I had been planning photos for weeks, and was READY. Today I am going to be doing a roundup of my favorite looks from our time in the snow with links below!

Is is snowing where you are? Comment down below!


January 12, 2019

This was our first snow day. I was over the moon, but the roads were not. It took us 3 hours to shoot 2 photos because I had to drive no faster than 20 mph. But, the next day this road was trashed and full of brown snow from the cars and the view was gone so #worthit!


January 13, 2019

Do you wanna build a snowman? That is what I asked Bryce…3 hours later I regretted that decision. I completely forgot just how hard building a snowman was, and my sore body the next day showed for that (I’ll workout eventually..ha)


January 20, 2019

This shot I didn’t end up posting (I used it as inspiration for the next post) but we were exploring through Fortville and saw the cutest house. The snow was super light so I was able to blow it and ended up covering Bryce in snow by the end of it. (SIMILAR SCARF LINKED)


January 21, 2019

So much snow! After a meeting brunch downtown, Bryce and I went to the circle to enjoy the snowy scene. We shot this photo quite a few times of my throwing snow up and trying to make the shot covering my eyes. 2 soaked mittens later, we got it! ;)