#MusicWithMaddy September Playlist


Oh September, we welcome you with open arms — because you do realize what you represent, right? FALL IS COMING! People, this is not a drill. The weather cools down, the leaves get crunchy, you break out your sweaters (always way too early), and the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte comes back fulfilling your basic white-girl void.

With this, I would like to officially introduce you to #MusicWithMaddy, a collection of monthly Spotify playlists hand-picked and selected just for you! I have been asked time and time again to put something like this together because I am always on the search for new & hot music for my Insta-Stories and/or YouTube videos. So, your wish is my command.

From hype songs, to feel-good jams, this playlist was aimed to get you excited for what the remainder of 2017 has to offer you. Whether you’re someone who looks forward to the following months, or dreads the upcoming season — we only have 4 moths of 2017. Really take that in. 4 months. You have 4 months to accomplish as much as possible that will represent your bubble of 2017. It's kick-it-into-high-gear time. Make these last few months last: do something you’re scared of, do something out of the ordinary, do something you’ve always wanted to. The time is yours

may your jam session commence.

I would love to hear your thoughts. If you use the playlist or are listening, be sure to let me on socials with #MusicWithMaddy, I will always share my favorites on my Instagram Story and Twitter.