Coach 2017

IMG_8078 copy-2.jpg

— xo

Throughout this shoot, I wanted to push the envelope, do something different than my norm. As many of you know my closet it full of neutrals, and being that this bag is so bright, I had to do an out there take on it. After finalizing the photo work I went to town with designing on top of the images from "— xo", to "love club", and more! Because honestly, this bag is the real MVP.

Selena x Coach

Having the opportunity to work with Coach not only for a 2016 campaign but now for 2017, and for the Selena Gomez x Coach handbag has been an absolute dream. I mean just look at the thing. Everyday I am more thankful for the opportunities that my job has opened up, but this one — this one may have taken the cake.


until next year, Coach!

— XO