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So, I've dropped out of college, quit all of my jobs, and now have to make this Instagram/Social Influencer thing work. It's got to work. I want more than anything in this world for it to work. I'll make a plan. Newsletter, Youtube Channel, Large-Scale Collaborations, and the first Online Workshop.

Now I need a videographer who is crazy enough to help get all of this across. Enter Daniel. The most bad ass, creative video-expert I've ever came across.

Oh oh oh, what about asking everyone on social media to tell me one word that they would describe as creating? Because I've always grown up trying to do everything refusing to hold onto any one label, maybe by using their words and saying that you don't have to only do one thing, I will sound less crazy.....? I could turn this into an Indianapolis meet-up? Have creatives around me say record their words of creating and represent those individuals that sent them in from across the nation. But where? Enter Ripplebnb's The Black BungalowPhotographer for the event? Enter Lauren.

By god, this may work people...



Picture this: me running around with cookies flying out of my ass, slowly losing my grip on the lemonade cans while using all of my might to load everything into the car, trying to remember to send the address to the group, crying to my mother to grab the adapter to my computer — a complete mess, welcome to The Meet-Up. :)

Ripplebnb is the hub for Deborah's 4 Airbnb spaces in Broad Ripple/Indianapolis. I stayed in one of her Lofts about a month ago and helped her form this brand cohesion and talked to her about the benefits of utilizing social media for them. So, when I was thinking about a place to host my meet-up I knew exactly where to go. We were in the Black Bungalow. A small, 2 bedroom, 1 bath Airbnb. I had 12 creatives, 1 photographer, and 1 of Deborah's helpers and then, magic happened.

In one of the bedrooms I set up a recording station with a Yeti microphone that I had on hand. Slowly but surely I worked my way through each individual's "one word that they would describe as creating" in addition to 2 others, each, from my Instagram/Twitter via creatives everywhere. I recorded the clips simply in GarageBand, tweaked the lengths, and exported each of them — one at a time — as individual mp3s for the videographer to place over the footage as he saw best fit.

At first I was worried. As I was watching this group of awesome creatives pour in, it got real. The rest of the evening was on me. Did I feel ridiculous talking about my small idea to everyone hoping-praying-finger-crossing they didn't think I was crazy? YUP! But, I had a goal and there was no way in hell I was going to stop until it was done. It was the most diverse group of people I had ever witnessed. We had musicians, designers, photographers, baristas, bloggers, students. But thats the funny thing, I saw each of them as different people but in the end guess what they all are? CREATIVES. And that bond right there works wonders when bringing people together. I came back out after recording to what seemed like a different set of people. Everyone was having a ball talking about what all they do, they're history in the creative industry and where to visit one another day-to-day. Lauren was snapping portraits of everyone, focusing in on each of their different styles, cookies, lemonade and fruit kabobs were being devoured, after that night they followed one another on social media — and a real group of connected creatives was born.

That ladies and gentlemen, right there, means more to me than anything else this project could serve. Forget if people like the video or if I get enough engagement to where I feel satisfied, or if I gain followers from the projects. Watching that go down right before me, from a project that popped into my head one night 4 months ago, forever changed my outlook on not only humans, but creatives all over the world.



The video came with its own 3 week prep period. This included reaching out to Daniel, a phone-call meeting, writing out exactly what I wanted scene-by-scene, music, outfit prep (that's the typical girly girl in me), finding the date to meet and record, and finally Daniel's post production magic.

We first met at Thirsty Scholar in Downtown Indianapolis last Wednesday May 3rd, to set in stone what scenes were going to be recorded on what devices and where it would go down. Walking through the streets of Indy we created the project that proved a 4 month dream come true. The following week I got the final copy (literally dancing to the music) ready to take over the world.

So the next time someone tells you that formal education is the only way to success or that you may be taking too much on, remember that you will never influence the world by trying to be just like it. Make crazy dreams and don't stop until they are fulfilled.

Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. — J.K. Rowling


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