How I Get Pictures + Social Content When I'm Alone

There's always that question: "How does she consistently have someone with her to take the perfect wall picture, candid snap, or artsy sitting-in-the-bed post?"

Guess what?


She doesn't.

A few months ago I realized the power in finding a way to obtain content whenever I needed. I couldn't continue relying on someone being readily available when I felt like taking an ootd wall picture, or something similar. Not to mention, I spend most days alone working and I have maybe a handful of creative humans in my area I see every few months (still looking to fill the fellow-creative BFF hole in my life, now taking volunteers). SO, what do I do?



I have a Canon Rebel t6i, which has its own established hub for wifi and a connecting app to my phone. This turns my phone into a remote for my camera. Today I used it with my outfit post (details at the bottom) hence seeing my phone. I used to try to hide the fact that I was using my phone, but in reality I am working all day everyday by myself, why not highlight the fact that I've been obtaining most of my content myself lately? The only set-back is having to lug around a bunch of equipment by yourself just to set up for 5 minutes and take back down. It's a lot of work but by the end of it I'm always happy with the result.


As most of you know, I love using my phone for a lot of my Instagram photos. There are so many ways to utilize such a little device. For things pertaining to taking photos of yourself: look for a place to prop it up. Ledge? Pull up your car? Stash a foldable chair in the back of your car? Next you get to use your good ol' self timer. Will people most likely stare? Yes. Will you feel ridiculous the first few times? YES. But, will you get exactly the content you want? YES YES YES.

If you have an Apple Watch, it has the ability to connect to your iPhone camera and you can use it as a remote to control the snapping of your shots. (I've gone as far to set my phone face down on my ceiling fan OFF and take a photo in bed from my watch). *Thank you Apple*


Yup. I said it.

If you're looking for one way to face all of your fears and gain an abundance of courage and confidence, ask someone walking by if they could quickly snap a photo of you. Getting myself to do this one took me a while, but you would be surprised how many people are more than happy to help, and sometimes you get to meet some awesome humans. After they opt into my crazy shenanigans I show then were to take it and ask them to continuously take photos while I move. Then I go to town. Be yourself, stop worrying about what the person is thinking of you and get the content you need. 

But.....what if someone says "no".

Guess what?

They say no. Did you die? Nope. Move onto number 2 or 1 or wait for another friendly human.

At the end of the day, each of these options (and I know there are more) will challenge your ability to feel as uncomfortable as possible, but that's the beauty of the creative industry, right?

"Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset."