MC 05: minimalistic, pastel-driven, sharp

This listing is a MOBILE ONLY preset, so no Lightroom CC subscription is needed. You will need access to a desktop to move this preset over to your phone. This preset will only work on Lightroom the app, if you are interested in MC 05 for desktop, please see that listing here!

MaddyCorbin Preset 05 is the ideal preset for the pink/white obsessed feed obsessors. It's simple, it adores muted colors and your light pinks & blues! Although a more neutral edit, it does work well with a variety of images (be sure to play around with your saturations & luminosity with this one!) . MC 05 does work on both RAW + JPG images. It does go best with JPG though I have found!

If you love them as much as I do be sure to share your magic with me on socials with #MaddyCorbinPresets

DISCLAIMER: This listing is for the Mobile MC 05 preset, only. You will receive a digital download via email for 24 hours — it will include a .zip file that once unzipped, includes the .DNG image you will integrate into Dropbox/iCloud and then onto Lightroom Mobile for copy-to-paste editing. This also includes all-encompassing MC Mobile Preset Guide for using the edits, integrating them into your phone, and my entire editing process! (see last image) — A basic knowledge of Lightroom is recommended to utilize these presets best as many images will need a bit of tweaking post-pasting of the preset! Any unauthorized distribution containing any form of #MaddyCorbinPresets will be met with full legal action. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Please direct your questions to!

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