MC 01

MC 01


MC 01: warm, simple, grain

MaddyCorbin Preset 01 is the perfect everyday, go-to preset for any style of images. It will take your photos and give them just the right amount of magic as you first perceived them. Although a warmer edit, it is oh-so versatile in many ways. MC 01 does work on both RAW + JPG images. If you shoot in JPG though, this is the most versatile for JPG editing.

If you love them as much as I do be sure to share your magic with me on socials with #MaddyCorbinPresets

DISCLAIMER: This listing is for the MC 01 preset, only. You will receive a digital download via email for 24 hours — it will include a .zip file that once unzipped, includes the .lrtemplate for Lightroom as well as an all-encompassing MC preset guide for using the edits, integrating them into Lightroom, and my entire editing process! (see last image) — A basic knowledge of Lightroom is recommended to utilize these presets best as many images will need a bit of tweaking post-pasting of the preset! Any unauthorized distribution containing any form of #MaddyCorbinPresets will be met with full legal action. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Please direct your questions to!

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