Endless Creators Magazine: June 2019

Endless Creators Magazine: June 2019


My partner, Bryce, & myself published a digital platform magazine called the Endless Creators in June 2019. While we ended up not continuing with it due to some shifts in our business, we decided to put the issue available in PDF form on the Maddy Corbin Shop! — Beyond the Likes: Creative Connection

Here is the description of the issue:

This month we dive deep into our mission statement of uniting all creators.


  • CEO Chats with Carly Stein of Beekeeper's Naturals

  • 5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know You Could Do in Photoshop

  • Technology Showdown: Shopify vs Squarespace

  • 10 Creative Jobs Hiring Right Now

  • 2 Creatives Make Work Inspired By One Another (exclusive for Endless Creators TV)

  • Keep the Ball Rolling: Getting Out Of a Creative Rut

  • June 2019 Creative Horoscopes with Endless Creators Astrologer: Taylor Moon

  • & much more!

Share your creations, thoughts, and mood board with #EndlessCreators and @endlesscreators on Instagram!

Please note: this magazine was originally made for a different platform, not for PDF version. This means that some pages include links or follow buttons that cannot be clicked. There are two videos in the magazine, both linked below!

3 Spring Cocktails with Kenzie Kittle: https://youtu.be/8QVSCRevp3Q

2 Artists Make Work Inspired by One Another: https://youtu.be/E3rVtAvYXdY

DISCLAIMER: This listing is for the Endless Creators Magazine, only. You will receive a digital download via email for 24 hours — it will include a PDF file that is the magazine — A basic knowledge of opening PDF files on your computer/phone will be needed to read the magazine. Any unauthorized distribution containing any form of the Endless Creators Magazine will be met with full legal action. Please direct your questions to hello@maddycorbin.com!


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