Coconut Hair Don't Care

3-Days with Marc Anthony Hair

Bryce & I have been traveling for the weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. With this, the only thing that has touched my locks has been Marc Anthony Hair. Below you will see how my weekend use of the Marc Anthony Blonde's Coconut Collection went! Being someone who isn't a fan of coconut I was more than surprised to fall in love with these products. The way my hair felt-post washes and the next day was amazing. Without further ado...


Day 01: full-shower using the Coconut Butter Blonde's Shampoo + Coconut Butter Blonde's Conditioner. Initial thoughts: SOFT, REFRESHING + WORKABLE. I am known for having super tangly hair, so going in I had no idea how my hair would respond. After shampooing, I used the conditioner avoiding my roots as I typically do, so I'm not left feeling too greasy. It allowed me to work through my hair easily post-shower with a fresh (good) scent of coconut.

Day 02: super busy crazy day — because of this I didn't have time to wash my hair. Enter the Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo. I've talked on my Instagram Story about my search for a new dry shampoo as I am currently in the works of training my hair to produce less grease so this one was vital, especially on days like today when we are go-go-go for work and I couldn't stop to take the time to wash, dry, and re-style my hair. 

Day 03: many of you know that a little over a week ago I finally cut and highlighted my hair. When you put color on your hair though, it makes it more susceptible to breakage and split ends when you mix bleach with heat. Thus, to replenish and revitalize my hair (to ensure that split ends don't occur as easily) I used the Coconut Oil Hair + Body.

If you are on the lookout for your next hair products to use, I would 500% recommend Marc Anthony, especially the Coconut Collection (and Blonde products if you're blonde). I am super excited to share more about our trip to GR and how my hair changes over the coming weeks! Mark Anthony FTW!

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