Let's Talk About Hair


As many of you know it has been over 365 days since I have last cut my hair, so that means that most days, the frizz-ball mess also known as Maddy's locks can be hard to handle. That was until I came across Tyme in collaboration along side Stylinity and found some of my favorite products, year to date. So, let's talk about hair.

It's about tyme, right?!

Being an entrepreneur and working many different jobs, actually mustering up the energy to do my hair came once and a blue moon. (Followed by the typical "actually got ready today" Snapchat selfie that we all take). It was about time that I found products I loved, saved me tyme, and made my mass of dead ends feel brand new. I am going to take you through my new everyday hair routine post-shower. Understand that I'm not a hair guru or stylist so the way I do my hair may be different than those uber-talented, amazing humans. But, let's have some fun anyways.


We are going back-to-the-basics for this one. Everyone needs a GOOD paddle brush. They are super useful and a quality one goes a long way. For me, I use my paddle brush in a variety of ways throughout the day because the feeling after brushing your hair is like heaven on earth — or right after the shower with some detangling spray to make sure my crazy hair is easy to work with however I decided to style it.


First and foremost we have to talk about the smell. Probably the best smelling hair product I have ever owned and it functions to keep my hair from gaining even more split ends after heat?! You simply air or towel dry your hair (just a bit) after the shower and spray the Upstaged Thermal Protectant right before you blow-dry. My hair smells amazing the rest of the day and makes me feel less-guilty for using hot tools on it afterwards!


AKA THE MOST POWERFUL HAIRDRYER OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. I have a lot of hair, and the Blowtyme Hair Dryer can dry it and straighten it faster than anything I have ever used to date. I simply blow dry down while simultaneously brushing through it with the paddle brush. Once dry, it stays straight for the day and/or I can continue on to curl it with my wand.

Over the course of the next few months I am not sure what is next for my hair, maybe a haircut or highlights — all I know if that my collaboration with Tyme has been by far on of my favorites and opened me up to a new line of products that I now use everyday. Snag some of your own products with my coupons and the "Shop My Looks" widget below.

How do you use your TYME while styling your hair?