A Friday Night In


TGIF! It’s August and we officially have only 5 months left until 2018.

So, what better way to start off a fresh month than a fresh blog section? I am pleased to introduce you to STYLE. Where I share some of my favorite get-ups, brands, and clothing items I’ve been obsessing over. On this Friday Night In, I’ve teamed up with Splendid, Chinese Laundry + Stylinity to bring you my top picks for the summer/back-to-school season.


From Splendid: I just received this grey + white striped sweater today — and let me tell you that it won’t be coming off for a while. For someone who has super sensitive skin (psoriasis and eczema) having clothing that feels comfortable throughout the day is super important to me. Next up, the black high-neck tank is perfect for the days I need something to throw on with my mom-jeans (which we all know I love). Not to mention the high round neck look is super flattering on all body types!

From Chinese Laundry: Two shoes. Two heart-breakers. Two reasons to fall in love. These are the first pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned from Chinese Laundry + mama is ready for more! They are both super comfortable and well crafted. The taupe slip-on flats are perfect for dressing up my outfits and the pointed toe flats make me feel like a ballerina again.

This Friday Night In and shoot was just what a girl needed — 10/10

FUN FACT: All of these images were taken by myself via my iPhone wifi-remotely controlling my DSLR #yesitwashard

I cannot wait to explore the STYLE section of my Blog looking toward the future and share more of my outfit-of-the-days. Also, if you haven’t seen already I launched my YouTube Channel last week — come stop by! I will be hosting a giveaway within the next 48 hours so make sure you subscribe!