Date Night in Downtown Indy

In Collaboration with the Conrad Indy

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I love the power of a good staycation. You get out of your normal routine, experience different sights and sound, get inspired by new things, while also being super close to home. When the amazing team at the Conrad in Downtown Indianapolis invited us to come hang out for a night, we of course said “yes!”

Once we arrived we were greeted by the friendliest front desk folks that helped us understand everything we needed to know about the hotel and our room. We headed up to the 10th floor, found our room, and were surprised to see the cutest tray full of goodies waiting for us. After a good 10 minute organizational session we headed out to venture through a new part of Downtown Indy and shoot some fun photos.

Our first shoot spot was a theater, less than a block away. We stopped here because we noticed the light peering down the sidewalk and were intrigued. If you know my style you know that, when I’m shooting, I love shade and typically don’t go for dramatic lighting. But hey, new area, new outfit, new vibes — let’s go for it! After playing with angles I was fixing my hair in the reflection of the ticket window when I saw half of my face in the sunlight and half black from the shadow and I said “woah, can you get that?” immediately we clicked and knew we had the game winning shot. We thought about shooting more after that but knew nothing could top it and our excitement. I will note now that I am sure I’ll get questions on the outfit: the blue sweater is H&M last year, so I won’t be able to find it, but I’ll link everything else I can down below & some similar!


We had planned to shoot two more outfits before dinner but we noticed the setting sun and set out for our most exciting shot of the night. From our hotel room we saw a stairwell that lead to the top of a building where we could get the MOST AMAZING (and I mean ah-may-zing) view of the city surrounding us. We put on our yin-yang outfits and set out carrying plastic champagne glasses, sparkling water, a tripbod and a backpack. By the time we saw the right alley it was in, there were so many people  we didn’t feel comfortable trying something we weren’t sure 100% would work, so when in doubt, climb the closest parking garage. After that we ended up somehow getting lost. When we made our way back to the hotel we saw a perfect view of the Salesforce building and set up. Fun fact: there were two men on the top of another building close by waaaay up that watched the entire time we worked the tripod and shot and whistled multiple times. LOL!


We had a few ideas of places to eat dinner but I had recently changed to (yet another version of a more strict diet) and I wanted to be somewhere I could get the basics. We found ourselves falling in love with the Capital Grille just in the lobby of the Conrad hotel! I ordered a shrimp cocktail, and a burger with toppings on the side. Our waiter was so amazing he even made me my own personal allergy-friendly cocktail sauce and personally cut more onion for me. Bryce got another burger himself (we are both suckers for a good burger and fries) and then we headed in for the night to watch football! Sorry, I mean Bryce watched football! ;)

When the morning came we called down to the restaurant and ordered a grand buffet to the room. They were so amazing with my allergies, they had one girl call to check what I was ordering and that it was okay with gluten + dairy who then called me back to ensure I was fine. I always look for that when I am at a hotel because it is such an important aspect of my life! We ordered eggs, blueberry pancakes, sausage & bacon, assorted fruits and a smoothie. The service was great too! They brought the food within 15 minutes. We then of course had to #gram it and the way they packaged it allowed to stay warm through the shooting too. Once we finished eating we packed up and checked out. We did decided to leave our bags with the folks in the lobby of the Conrad though, as we wanted to head over and enjoy some time on Monument Circle before we headed back to Fishers. We shot and sat along the water and had a pow-wow about our work goals for the day. Once we got back we loaded our bags and shot a picture on our way out.


A short time in Downtown Indy, but so so worth it. We saw new spots, got to wake up to an energized and creative city vibe and ate amazing food along the way. While we go downtown quite often to shoot, driving over 1 hour in total, it's different when you get to stay the night. Thanks to the Conrad we were set. I’m excited for our next “travel” venture, I don’t know where that will be yet, but I am sure it will be just as amazing!