How-To Break Up With Boring x Urban Outfitters

What if I told you that everything you have ever wanted for your creative self is on the other side of boring? All you have to do is break up with it.

Well, what is boring?

Boring is — boring. It can mean so many different things for so many different people. But, it is essentially the life you’re living for others (family, friends, society) versus the creative life you actually want to live.

So many of us these days are just accepting the fate of a boring lifestyle. We’ve all been there, the rut where the day-to-day runs together because you're on autopilot doing what you "need to do". It’s time we pull your emergency brake. Leave your stereotypical college life, to your stereotypical day-job, with your stereotypical routine, and your stereotypical craving to just create something — to be creative — but never knowing how to make that jump from the safe stereotype to the touchy whirlwind known as the creative industry.

Think of it your favorite creatives and what they're doing. Now think your dream lifestyle as a creative. Influencer? Blogger? Youtuber? Photographer? Traveler? Whatever it is, it's not as impossible as you may think.

Each of these people at some point in time have made the decision to break up with boring, and full-force chase the dream they wanted. They educated themselves, made a plan, left their norm to pursue their dreams, and never looked back.

But what if you broke up with it? Detoxed from it? Started creating the life you ACTUALLY wanted?

5 tips & tricks: 

01: Stop making excuses. There is never going to be a “good time” to break up and start over, whether that's moving full-time into your creative career & biting the bullet on the steady income for a while, finally publishing the website you’ve been "working on" for eight months, or taking everything you have on hand to finally get some content out there. There will always be something. Stop making excuses and start executing your goals.

02: Be confident. Whether that is in your work, what you wear, your goals — never let anyone shake that confidence, it is all you, and you’ve got this.

03: Constantly be inspired. Don’t look for inspiration when its time to create, but all of the time. Look for inspiration in new things you never sought before. Amazing things come with it.

04: Find and put together a creative space. Your space changes everything for you mood, organization, and level of efficiency. Decorate it. No working from bed. Make a space you walk into and know you're about to hustle the hell out of it.

05: Take the leap & go for it. I get that it is scary. I am two months into being a full-time Influencer/Self-Branding Mentor. From it — a loss of steady income, a loss of down-time, but a gain in confidence, and a gain in my dream. I've learned more in the last two months than I did in the last year trying to balance college, part-time jobs, and growing my own self brand. It greatly holds you back.

In the end, from me to you: boring is so not worth your time and there are far better fish and dreams in the sea. Get out of autopilot, and pull your emergency break.

It's time you, break up with boring.

Instead of ice-cream, love-song playlists, and chopping my hair off — to get over my breakup with boring, I teamed up with Stylinity and Urban Outfitters to freshen up my closet and give my creative space a facelift.

There's something so amazing about collaborations, especially when they're with such creatively-aware brands. I've attached photos from the last week's adventures with UO. You can shop my looks at the bottom or visit the coupon page for some awesome Back-To-School deals.

UO Coupons —

Urban can be of assistance in your break up to! For any workspace decorating on a budget I suggest a tapestry — super easy to put up, take down, and helps say bye to bare walls. I just added their cactus one to my office! In addition anything that has lights I'm all for, they brighten up the space and you can't be sad around firefly lights or a lit up moon. For your closet — I am always one to be drawn to simple pieces that can be transformed through multiple get-ups. So, cream jeans and a white off-the-shoulder top has been my go-to for summer.

I was more than excited for this collaboration as UO has been a brand I have looked up to, and been a customer of for so long. Getting to work as an influencer and help obtain Back-To-School content was a dream.

Shop whole looks below or on Stylinity