Book Worm

the following text is copied and pasted from my Instagram @maddy.corbin on February 19th, 2018

the other day I received a comment that said “Indiana can be cute, but I’m always inspired by the unique ways you use your environment to make a really put-together shot! It proves you don’t have to be a big city blogger to make great stuff.” — that comment shows for everything that @bryce.journey & I embody in our photographs and when we shoot. we both live in a suburb 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis, we live at home, we aren’t in LA or New York and have SO MUCH fun using the small areas around us to curate content for the brands we partner with. yesterday we decided to head up to Fort Wayne, IN and hit some unique spots I sought out and we had the best day. I cannot wait to share more. thank you @justolivia for your comment & every single one of you for pushing me and Bryce everyday to continue on this wild dream!!

You know, some days I am really in awe of what is possible in a world like ours. We have creatives from all around the world pushing themselves to believe in their dreams and making them happen everyday. For me personally, without the support of my friends, family and you guys I don't know that I would be able to push on. This industry is the hardest thing I've ever done. Social Media is constantly moving and it can become super hard super fast to feel the need to keep up with it. Thus, Bryce & I have decided to days a certain day every week for a little adventure. We travel to a fun/unique spot in Indiana, make the best out of what we've got and really fall in love with the craft all over again. This is the visual story of our time in Forty Wayne at Hyde Brother Booksellers on that day in February.


The End :)