Black Friday Shopping List


It’s that time! Let’s fill our carts and our hearts.

This year I have put together a curated shopping list full of my favorite brands, the sales they are having for Black Friday, and some of my personal picks that I am snagging. In addition, My #MaddyCorbinPresets just announced it’s Cyber Weekend sale on @endlesscreators so be sure to follow on their and/or scroll to the bottom for a sneak peek!


Cotton On USA >

40-75% off select styles

For those of you that watch my Instagram stories on a regular basis then you know I recently fell in LOVE with Cotton On’s pjs. They are super comfortable on my skin (which can be hard to find when my psoriasis is flared up) and so cute! Cotton On also has a few of my favorite products of the season including their teddy coat and overall dress!

Madewell >

25% off your purchase with: DEALWITHIT

Madewell has always been a brand that has been so close to my heart for so long. This year I had the opportunity to host and event there and meet some of my Instagram followers. Not only was the experience amazing but I got to get up close and personal with the products. They are high quality, sturdy, and super flattering. 90% of the images on my feed incorporate the same pair of black jeans, they are Madewell that I got during that event and you can bet your butt I am snagging atleast 1-2 extra pairs during this sale!

Nasty Gal >

60% off everything

I have been following the Nasty Gal brand all the way back to it’s days with Sophia Amuroso, the ultimate Girlboss and someone who pushed me to be an entrepreneur today. Even though she doesn’t own it anymore, her legacy is still in the brand and I love the high-fashion look for less expense. I picked out some of the items I found the other day that I am going to snag for 60% off!

Urban Outfitters >

Buy one get one 50% off mix & match

Never been one to hide my love for Urban Outfitters. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with them a few times in 2018 and when people ask what my favorite store is they are always the first one to come up. It’s impossible to browse their site and NOT find something you want. Now with this deal you can mix and match items and get the 50% off discount which is so nice! I was looking at some cozy-but-appropriate-to-leave-the-hosue-in outfits and some home decor!

Luca + Grae >

30% off entire purchase with: FRIYAY

Luca + Grae is Aspyn Ovard, a Lifestyle Youtuber + Blogger’s shop. I have always been such a fan of her style as be both share a huge love for pastel, unique pieces and this is the best place for them. I have my cart filled up with some of my favorite products but you are bound to find some of your own. 30% off is such a great deal so make sure you hurry (and download their app too!)

Home Decor

West Elm >

15% off $100, 20% off $500, 25% off $1,000, 30% off $3,000

Typically I am drawn away from brands that do these tiered discounts, except when it is with brands that you know you will most likely spend a hefty amount. I have been eye-ing two major items for my bedroom from West Elm and it miiiight just be time to snag them. I love their modern pieces and how nice they fit in rooms. We have a West Elm storefront at the Keystone Fashion mall here in Indy and Bryce knows every time that I am dragging him through it, even if it is just to browse.

All Modern >

Extra 20% off lowest prices with: ACT NOW

All Modern has amazing prices throughout the year that don’t break the bank, so when these big sales happen it’s like Christmas because things are so affordable! I would say that my style especially in home decor is modern so this place is a gold mine for my favorite products!

Wayfair >

Up to 80% off with FREE Shipping

Similarly to All Modern, Wayfair is one of those brands that you can find a steal almost any day of the year, so this is the time to act and really get your savings worth! They already have a ton discounted, and some items you can use the code: HUNTER10 for an additional 10% off! Wayfair has one of my favorite ceiling fans that I have found to date along with great faux hanging plants and benches for accent walls.

Anthropologie >

30% off everything in cart

I know that Anthro is technically fashion as well as home decor but I feel like their home pieces are highly slept on. They have some of the most unique items I have found when looking for things like: throw pillows, blankets and accessories and new holiday decor. They also have a nightstand that I have been eyeing for some time now. (I have been redoing my bedroom for the holidays so I have spent a lot of time looking at these home decor brands!)


BeautyCounter >

15% off your purchase + FREE Shipping

Beautycounter is one of the safer beauty brands that I recently made the switch to. I am going to have an entire YouTube video coming out soon about throwing out all my makeup for this switch but let my tell you guys. These are some of the best beauty products (the next few brands included!) I will put the items I use everyday below but be sure to browse through everything they have especially if you have sensitive skin or skin conditions

Honest Beauty >

20% off at Target

Even though this discount is only at Target (and I will update if they update an online sale) I had to add honest. These products along with Beautycounter are amazing. My favorite? The mascara. It is a dual side tube 1 being the primer and 1 being the mascara. The primer lifts and holds your lashes and the first swipe of the mascara ontop is like magic. I’ve never been happier with a mascara in my life AND it’s not that expensive! (My foundation everyday is a 2-step, I use the Beautycounter and top off with the Honest to ensure the redness on my cheeks are 100% covered)

Ulta beauty >

Discounts + FREE shipping on orders over $35+

Ulta is obviously a one-stop-shop for a ton of different beauty products, but here I wanted to highlight some of my favorite hair tools. Overs the years I have changed what kind of styling tools I use. From thin wands to thicker curling irons and blow dryers. I am going to put a few below, but if you love Ulta as much as I do, make sure to click Black Friday on their website and see all of the added deals as they add them all weekend!

Lightroom Presets

#MaddyCorbinPresets >

50% off all presets with: CYBERWEEKEND

As a thank you to each and every one of you, I wanted to offer a huge discount for Cyber Weekend. All of my Lightroom presets (mobile and desktop) will be 50% off until EOD on Monday November 26th! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @endlesscreators and use #MaddyCorbinPresets to be featured on my Instagram Story!