20 before 20

01: find more beauty in myself, without makeup.

02: seek new opportunities, outside of Indianapolis.

03: do more squats.

04: wander places where the wifi is weak.

05: read 5 books...no, 10.

06: dream, endlessly.

07: hit 100k on Instagram.

08: collect tons of vinyl.

09: give compliments to more strangers.

10: go on a road trip -- alone.

11: wear a swimsuit, and love it.

12: have more pinch-me-please moments.

13: look on the bright side, even if it seems impossible to find.

14: launch #shopmaddycorbin.

15: do more things I'm scared of.

16: buy my own car, with my own money.

17: take an entire weekend to do absolutely nothing.

18: accept failures, and learn from them.

19: tell important stories.

20: and finally, fall head-over-heels in love, with myself.