Testimonial 03

"Since my session with Maddy I've seen a real increase in my community --- lots of engaged, real people following. I have gained a lot more confidence in reaching out to brands + have had growth in the amount of agreements made! Overall, I was stoked + super excited to put everything that I had just learned to work, + already had a ton of ideas that I couldn't wait to make reality! Thanks again for everything Maddy!"

Molly Garvin @thisthatblog


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Testimonial 01

"My initial feelings post-session were "LETS GO, I CAN DO IT!" I've seen the most growth in my following & also have seen growth in the amount of companies that have said they want to work with me. In the next year I see myself really developing my brand, and having more companies reaching out."

Jessica Baker @jessica_baker


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Testimonial 02

"The biggest thing I gained from my Mentorship Session is the realization that although I am a microinfluencer, my work is monetarily valuable. Post-session I was ready to conquer the world of influencers. My paid collaborations are 100% a result of my session. Had I not created that media kit — I would not have these collabs."

Steph Weber @trendyinindy

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