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Whether you're a: photographer, designer, blogger, youtuber, artist, social influencer, or just on the brink of figuring out what exactly creating means to you — being able to build an exclusive brand (encompassing yourself) and providing steady, quality content to an engaging audience can be really difficult and overwhelming to learn by yourself and it will make or break the rate at which you see growth. That is why I'm here! I am a full-time social influencer, worked with over 100 brands across the nation, with years of experience in self-branding, small business media relations, business development and photography — and it's time I bring my knowledge to surface with you.

The Maddy Corbin Mentorship Program is where I work one-on-one with budding creatives and help them build the brand & life THEY want, organically, strategically, and at the rate they choose. We do this through brand development, social media marketing, photography, and going back to the basics on their goals.  Below you will see 02 packages. Each package works for any creative in any industry. My Face-To-Face Power Hour(s) sessions will follow me when I travel — see me in your area? Schedule ahead of time and have the opportunity to do your session in your city! So, you ready? Select the session that best fits your needs, fill out the form & you're set! I cannot wait to aid you in endlessly creating yourself.


How It Works


Select the session that is best for you & book it via


Curate a list of 5-10 questions/concepts/goals  that are most important to you that you want to discuss


Connect on Skype or choose the BEST local cafe/coffee shop where all the fun will go down at!


Manually confirm appointment via email 24 hours prior to the session


Grab your pen, paper, list & coffee, and get ready to rocket-launch the brand of your dreams!


Post-session: take the practices into action for your own brand, share your experiences and growth with #MaddyCorbinMentorship


Topics Covered:

• Finding Your Niche/Aesthetic

• Branding vs. Self-Branding

• Social Media Growth

• iPhone + DSLR Editing

• Collaborationssss!

• Curating Unique Templates

• Web Design

• Making $ With Instagram

• Hashtags, Insta Stories + Live Videos




The Corbin Call is an all-encompassing 1 hour Skype session: which is focused around the step-by-step process on how I work, what I've done that has and has NOT worked, my building process for social media all from your home! Anything you want to know, need to know, or have questions on can be talked about in this session. My brain is yours. This is the time to take notes and really hone in on the growth you want to see in your creative workings! Many times mentees use this Skype session if they aren't located in Indianapolius or want a quick call to get their brand back on track. Post-session you will have access to my past Media Kit, templates for email marketing and collaborations.

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face-to-face POwer hour(S)


The Face-To-Face Power Hour(s) are a one-to-one 1-2 hour meeting session including physical samples of my past media kits, walking through a few brand collaboration emails, and live process of an Instagram post. We will talk step-by-step on what I do, what I've done that has and has NOT worked, and my building process for social media at your favorite coffee shop or cafe! Anything is up for grabs in this session — including (multiple) cups of coffee. In addition we will partake in a critique of your Instagram/Blog/Youtube/Website to see how it can be better utilized in aiding your self branding success. Post-session you will have access to my past Media Kit, templates for email marketing and collaborations.

What's Included:

• Prepping-For-Your-Session PDF Guide

• One-On-One Chat With Seasoned Influencer.

• PDF Email Templates/My Personal Past Media Kits

• $15 Off MC Presets Order

• Access To The #MaddyCorbinMentorship FaceBook Group