Maddy Corbin is a Social Influencer & Self-Branding Educator.

and so, I am endlessly creating myself


History of Maddy's Work

Beginning as the 10 year old girl with an unstoppable business plan assembled for her "kids news" Wordpress blog, to countless preteen hours working to understand HTML basics to code, to the owner of a fast growing bath & body small business as a Junior in high school, Luxury 45, which attracted attention from a variety of media outlets, (Huffington Post, RTV6, Town Talk Magazine, and GenDIY) to the owner of the photography and design LLC Wisconsin & Gold as a senior in high school, which has morphed into today's work:

Full time self-branding educator and social influencer through her Instagram, Blog, and Youtube Maddy has had multiple (major) features in 2017 including: Coach, UO, Sephora, Steve Madden, TopShop, and more!

About Maddy

19-year-old creative entrepreneur pushing the concept of "endlessly creating yourself" 

Hellllllo! Maddy Corbin coming to you from Indianapolis, IN. So, what do I do? To be blunt β€” I do what I do simply because I truly believe there is no reason your life can't be exactly as you want it to be. is a hub for all of my current shenanigans, the Blog, the Mentorship Program, and connecting with an amazing creative community. My day-to-day surrounds working with brands executing creative content via blog posts, social posts, and youtube features, working one-on-one with amazing budding creatives, and discovering uniques spots all around the world with my boy, Bryce. 

Fun facts: I went to college for one semester. I'm 5'2. I'm allergic to all grains & dairy. My middle name is Talitha.